Buschhoff trough chain conveyors:

For a far and secure conveyance


Trough chain conveyors



Our especially robust trough chain conveyors are suitable for grain, bruised grain, and other free-flowing bulk materials.


The Buschhoff trough chain conveyor is conspicuous by especially low power demand and a gentle and dust-free conveyance.


Conveying is by means of a robust special chain, which moves at the trough bottom on exchangeable wear rails while it is guided by plastic rollers on top. This results in long-lasting and low-maintenance conveyance machinery.


For a more quiet running our trough chain conveyors are also available with plastic bottom.


All heads and driving positions of the Buschhoff trough chain conveyors are welded and hot-dip galavanised. This makes them ideally suited for outdoor use. The robust design leaves nothing to be desired and is suitable for regular use with high loads.


We offer these trough chain conveyors with a performance range from 20 to 150 t/h.


Please note: For special purposes they are available for inclined installation up to 45°.


Trough chain conveyors for distribution to outdoor silos



Inclined conveyor for loading of a grain silo

Buschhoff_Trogkettenfoerderer2               Buschhoff_Annahme_TKF

        Drive trough chain conveyors                                                  Intake trough chain conveyors


Intake trough chain conveyors



Discharge dump with intake conveyor

Fast acceptance of delivered grain is becoming ever more important. Therefore we offer high-grade trough chain conveyors especially for grain intake. These move the delivered grain fast and trouble-free to where another conveyor takes over.

Their heads and clamping station are also completely welded and hot-dip galvanised, ensuring an extremely long service life. The robust welded construction also prevents unwelcome oscillation. Often these are used in acceptance pits covered with gratings.

High-grade materials and the longtime manufacturing experience care for smooth conveyance of the free-flowing grain.



Intake trough chain conveyors 120 t/h


Trough chain conveyors at a Glance

max. conveying performance (t/h)


grainy materials


max. length/
height (m)



Trough chain conveyors



BTK 25   25,0   17,5 90,0
BTK 40   40,0   28,0 90,0
BTK 60   60,0   42,0 90,0
BTK 80   80,0   56,0 50,0
BTK 100 100,0   70,0 50,0
BTK 120 120,0   84,0 50,0

BTK 150

150,0 105,0 50,0



Calculation parameters

- grainy materials 750 kg/m³
- mealy materials 600 kg/m³

If required we offer conveying solutions up to 200 t/h.

Moreover we deliver trough chain conveyors configured as intake and inclined conveyors.