To successfully move with the times,

it pays to be one step ahead.


A sense for trends, and a spirit for novelty



Master smith Theodor Buschhoff founded the engineering works in Ahlen. First products were agricultural tools like ploughs and harrows. His younger brother Hermann joins the company after finishing studies at the engineering college Mittweida. From now on, specialities ("Specialitäten") shape the product range for farming, milling, and industrial applications: threshing machines, chaffcutters, steam tractors, milling plants, dairy machinery, circular and band saws, transmission machinery, etc. ... etc.



New, ground-breaking ideas for agriculture – like the first complete threshing plants, a combination of newly-developed threshing machines with steam tractors.



Buschhoff threshing machines are well-known throughout Germany. The company expands. Machines are exported to neighbouring countries. Floorspace grows.



Under the leadership of Hermann Buschhoff’s sons Wilhelm and Paul the company grows, beginning in the twenties, into a competent partner of farming with their ever more performant threshing plants, some even with integrated straw baler. WW II interrupts the company development. In the immediate post-war years, concrete roof tiles are produced.



After the currency reform the production of threshing machines is resumed, supplemented by the development of automatic loading devices and pneumatic conveyors. Top-of-line product during the fifties is the mobile threshing plant.



Then, threshing machines are obsolete, the era of the combine harvester dawns. Buschhoff realizes that this product segment is for large businesses only, and turns in time to alternative offerings - but again for the farming sector: hammer mills, feed mixers, machinery for grain purification, pneumatical and mechanical conveying systems.



Hard metal hammers for mills are introduced.



The first mobile milling and mixing plants are delivered. As in the era of the threshing machines, agricultural contractors are the main customer base. Taking over as the third generation of managing directors, Dr. Peter Buschhoff and Werner Buschhoff initiate the development of new products and new markets. With the WIDOMIX®, the first weight-controlled dosing system, electronic management systems are introduced to grain processing. Large plants are offered for agricultural businesses and feed producers. Export increases, especially to Belgium, France, Austria, and Switzerland.



As the iron curtain falls, new markets become available. With consideration and thorough preparation Buschhoff is looking eastward. Since 1996 deliveries to the Baltic states, to Romania, the Czech Republic, Belarus and Russia have become a common event.



Just as the 125 year jubilee draws closer, the company is released from the confines of its intraurban location. Buschhoff moves into new premises at the Olfetal industrial zone. From here frontiers are expanded and innovative solutions developed.



The computer controls for milling and mixing plants „WIDOMIX®“ and for liquid feeding „XETUS“ are modified for advanced micro controller technology with CAN bus connection.

Non-blower hammer mills type BHOS and weighing mixers with feeding augers are introduced; they satisfy customer requirements for energy saving and high performance.



After a two-year development phase Buschhoff rolls out the first series production mobile plant for concentrated feed of the TOURMIX series. The plant is equipped with the patented, hydraulically extendable Vario mixer.

Shortly after the type range is completed with the suction pressure mixer variant. Customers have now the most comprehensive choice of mobile feed plants on the European market.



The Buschhoff storage and conveyance technology grows into the high performance 80 tons class to fulfill the requirements coming from Germany’s new eastern states and the businesses in Eastern Europe.



TOURMIX plants change from a dedicated plant motor to direct drive from the truck engine, thus becoming more flexible in the optimum fulfillment of individual customer’s demands.

For stationary plants the innovative digital mill control SIRUS is developed and successfully introduced to the market.



With Dr. Christian Buschhoff the fourth generation of Buschhoffs steps into the family business. Conveyance technology sees the development of 150 t/h bucket elevators and trough chain conveyors. Thus conveyance technology finds, aside from agricultural applications, a way into the market of industrial use.



The Buschhoff company receives the Ahlen economy award in 2009, reflecting the company’s decades-long engagement in social affairs.

In a kind of innovation offensive the TOURMIX TWINPOWER and the BHOS DUO mill are presented.



Export increases, especially larger feed mills with up to 20 t/h to Asia & Africa.

For high quality of feed the innovative WIDOMIX FLOW is developed and successfully introduced to the market.