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Agritechnica 2019: Impressive Buschhoff products!

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Agritechnica 2017: Buschhoff took part

With 2,803 exhibitors and 450,000 visitors, including more than 100,000 from outside Germany, AGRITECHNICA has further extended its leading role as the global industry gathering for agriculture and agricultural machinery. Buschhoff was pleased to be exhibiting a wide variety of grain technology equipment, including static feed mill plants, conveying and storage technology as well as mobile mill and mix machines.

Discover some pictures:

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Iranian agriculture delegation visted company Buschhoff

In July 2017 a delegation of some Iranian agriculture companies visited Germany to get acquainted with the technical achievements of a leading feed mill manufacturer – Company Buschhoff.

The Iranian delegation was introduced to the technology of production of stationary and fixed feed mills and witnessed the full-cycle production: starting from the design, to the production, painting, assembly and electrical setting of such feed mill equipment. The members of the agriculture companies group were surprised to discover how quick such feed mill systems pay off and how full automatic this Buschhoff WIDOMIX system are - throughout the world.

After the factory tour the feed mill specialist Buschhoff greeted guests on a farm nearby with the demo of its latest technological advances and toured around its TOURMIX mobile feed mill plant. The easy, quick and high performance feed production of this Buschhoff machinery had an indelible impression on all the visitors.


Feed Mill group Iran   Feed Mill group Iran 2

 Feed Mill group Iran 4  Feed Mill group Iran 3


EuroTier 2016: A successful Event!

EuroTier with World Poultry Show 2016 took place in Hannover/Germany and a total of 163,000 visitors from more than 100 countries attended EuroTier 2016 to take advantage of its unique offerings.

Buschhoff was pleased to be exhibiting a wide variety of grain processing equipment, including static feed mill plants, conveying and storage technology as well as mobile mill and mix machines. Continuing in our tradition as an innovative grain equipment manufacturer, we showed some of our newest, most advanced technology at the show: TOURMIX 03 with new mill & 360° camera, WIDOMIX 4.0 control system with touch display, new efficient bucket elevators and much more...

EuroTier 2016 Buschhoff1

EuroTier 2016 Buschhoff2

EuroTier 2016 Buschhoff3 

EuroTier 2016 Buschhoff4


Pig & Poultry 2016: Impressions:

Pig  Poultry 2016Pig  Poultry 2016 III

Pig  Poultry 2016 - Buschhoff


Buschhoff: Innovative Through Research

Feed Mill - Innovative Through Research The grain technology specialist Th. Buschhoff was awarded for its research by the Association for German Science the seal of approval "Innovative Through Research 2016/17". In this field of work, the Stifterverband examines and evaluates the framework conditions of the German innovation system. It is an important partner for business, science and politics when it comes to ensuring sustainable companies and society.

Some innovative Buschhoff researchs within the last years:

  • New "Structure Hammer Mill" BHOS
  • WIDOMIX FLOW - simultaneously feed production
  • TOURMIX 03 - The Mobile Multitalent with innovative control system

AGRITECHNICA 2015: Please find attached some impressions:

Many visitors came to see our innovations:

Bild 1 Agritechnica

Bild 2 Agritechnica

Bild 3 Agritechnica

Bild 5 Agritechnica

Bild 4 Agritechnica


Pig & Poultry 2014: Unveiling of the WIDOMIX FLOW

The long established German company, Buschhoff, will be using the British Pig and Poultry Fair 2014 (stand 225) to unveil its new WIDOMIX FLOW – pioneering technology for on farm feed production, especially the poultry sector. For the first time feed can be produced using what has been named “the flow principle.” For a good number of years it has been standard practice to add different feed ingredients one by one into a single weigher-mixer. Now, the FLOW design incorporates a dedicated weigher for each ingredient which are then simultaneously transferred to the mixer and processed continually.

The result is:


  • Reduced downtime
  • Impressive production capacity and performance
  • Significant cost savings
  • Optimum feed quality



The basic system can have up to eight weighers simultaneously weighing and conveying. The mill operator will request a specific diet and tonnage. The Buschhoff software running the WIDOMIX FLOW will then control the numerous dosing augers to ensure that the exact quantity of raw material required for the specific diet is conveyed. As soon as any one raw material reaches its required limit all other ingredients are adjusted accordingly. Therefore the percentage of any ingredient as a part of the whole diet will remain constant and in accordance with the ration formulation.

Picture from Pig & Poultry fair 2014:

PigPoultry feed



Open day in Romania

Open day feed mill

In November 2013 an "Open Day" took part in Baia Mare/Romania. Buschhoff company presented a 5 t/h feed mill for swine.


Many customers and interested people came to have a look at this modern and complete automated feed mill. They were really impressed by the high performance, the easy operation and the silent sound level while working.

Open day feed mill 2

Open day feed mill 3  Open day feed mill 4



Agritechnica 2013 with Buschhoff Innovations




In a few weeks the Agritechnica 2013 takes place in Hanover and the long-established Buschhoff company presents its extensive portfolio for processing grain (milling & mixing technology, conveying and storage technology as well as mobile plants).


Going along with our company anniversary of 140 years we are able to present several novelties:


Exhibition map

WIDOMIX® FLOW: Produce lots of feed, simply and economically, ON THE FLOW


The WIDOMIX FLOW technology an real innovation for in-house feed production. For the first time, feed production is completely subject to what we call “the flow principle”. Other than, as hitherto accepted, to insert different feed components one by one into a weighing mixer, the FLOW design provides a dedicated weigher for each component, all of which are simultaneously transferred into the conveyor and processed by continuous mixing. This prevents downtime of the plant; feed production comes with a sophisticated plant performance, convincing economy, and an optimum feed quality at the same time.


Moreover we present:


Grist Blower SG 80 with load-dependent power control


In order to ensure steadily optimum conveyance from the blower to the processed feed silo, regarding that distances between the two may vary considerably, Buschhoff developed a load-dependent power control. Fed with data from a pressure sensor, the Buschhoff control defines the appropriate power setting, thereby continuously maintaining the best conveying performance.


Hammer Mill without Blower with only 5,5 kW


The product range of efficient hammer mills type BHOS has been supplemented at its lower end by the 5,5 kW mill. Like all Buschhoff mills without blower it is equipped with hard metal reinforced hammers and a powerful three-phase a.c. motor. Thus good performance combined with low power consumption is achieved.



Have we aroused your interest? We would be very glad to welcome you from the 12 to 16 November 2013 in Hanover at our booth 06F38 in hall 6.



Buschhoff Innovations Inspire Visitors

From the 13th to the 16th of November the EuroTier 2012 took place in Hanover. With more than 2,400 exhibitors and about 160,000 visitors, of which about 25% came from abroad, a new record could be reached for the most important fair for professional animal husbandry.

Buschhoff company from Ahlen also took part. “This was a very successful event here in Hanover. Our booth was continuously well visited. Apart from extremely pleased existing customers, we could also welcome many new prospective customers from Germany. Moreover, we could receive numerous guests from all around the world,“ explains manager Werner Buschhoff his impressions of the fair.


A true highlight at the booth was the presented serial machine TOURMIX 03 of Mr. Rottmann. The mobile plant is equipped with an 8t-vario-mixer, a bright touch screen and a modern control system with a terminal in the driver’s cab.

With this TOURMIX-CONTROL system the complete plant can be operated via a few buttons – nearly as easy as a smartphone. The operator is only shown those functions which also make sense in the current operating mode.

The optional weighing and dosing computer TOURMIX-CONTROL PLUS with its own terminal in the driver’s cab offers a complete customer and recipe management system, via USB port it can also be operated comfortably from the office chair.


Moreover, a weight calculation for the passage mode could be integrated – the TOURMIX FLOW. This unique development inspired agricultural contractors from all regions, because now the plant offers even more possibilities. Also the processing quality and the technically outstanding features of the TOURMIX 03 have again and again been praised by the contractors.

Apart from many other improvements the practitioners were enthusiastic about the cleaning port in the mixer. Instead of cumbersomely accessing the mixer from the top, replacing the agitators can now be done in a significantly faster and easier way. Also the numerous safety settings convinced the customers. Many operating errors can now be prevented right from the beginning with the very clear TOURMIX control system. In this way the driver is supported and the operator can save a lot of money.

A popular topic on the fair was also the Mercedes-Benz plant motor OM 501 LA. This can ultimately be installed in 2013 for operators in the EU. However, the team on the fair in Hanover could put the agricultural contractors’ minds at ease: Buschhoff is prepared and will also in 2013 be able to install this extremely robust and for many customers interesting drive. In view of these many innovations, the comments of the plant users and operators were as follows:

Low gas consumption, high performance and a sensationally easy operation. Excellent!

The build quality of the new machine really inspires me.

The weight calculation in the passage mode provides a lot of flexibility, no other machine can offer me that.


Apart from the proven technology for grain storage and feed production, also several real innovations could be admired at the booth. Already before the EuroTier started, many trade journals have drawn the visitors’ attention to the new WIDOMIX Multi-Mill. With this, several mills in a milling and mixing plant can be employed and that even at the same time. This does not only provide for a significant increase in performance, but also for an ideally balanced feed according to the individual requirements of the animals.

Moreover, the mechanical engineer from the ‘Olfetal’ presented many further innovations. Among others, a new mill especially for high hourly demands and a fine milling structure (BHOS S-series), a drum purifier with 2 screen drums for fine and coarse contaminants (BTR 650) and a powerful hammer mill for 2 different feed structures (BHOS 300 DUO).

Also Dr Christian Buschhoff draws a positive conclusion: “From my point of view, I can already say that after four days of the fair in Hanover we optimally met the expectations of the customers with our portfolio and the numerous innovations.” In view of that fact, it is not surprising that several Buschhoff plants could already be sold during the fair. “I think this makes us very optimistic for the year 2013 and that not only because of our 140 years of existence.“



Mixed Feed Production - Animal Feeding:

Customised “Milling & Mixing” in small & medium Plants



Feed production is an integral part of modern animal husbandry. Only with feeds that are customised to the animals’ requirements can efficient animal feeding be guaranteed.

Buschhoff company offers very interesting and economical alternatives for these areas of application. The interplay between high facility quality, customer-specific approaches, greatest possible facility flexibility and low maintenance costs results in the fact that some plants are already equipped accordingly. In this way plants can be designed with manageable capital expenditure and maintenance costs, which can produce fully-automated high-quality feed for pigs, cattle and poultry according to the customer-specific requirements. The specifically designed control moreover provides for an ease of operation and for an exact documentation of the produced feed.

Read here the complete article!


Sucessful pig producer with Buschhoff technology

Please read attached a article from PIG WOURLD magazine about our customer Rick Buckle, owner of a new mobile milling and mixing plant TOURMIX 02-SD mounted on trailer for his pig farm.


Download article


Simple, clean, efficient: The new grain purifier in front of the mill

Foreign objects coming with the grain, stones for example, are not only responsible for a shorter lifetime of wear parts and the mill as a whole, they also cause considerable interruption of normal operation sequences. This is an obvious nuisance for plants which are designed to use off-peak power and to run in a highly automated mode of operation.

An economic solution is the newly developed drum purifier BTR. The large screen drum provides efficiency by its special construction and enables a performance of 4 t/h. Usage of the purifier results in better feed quality and unobstructed operation of the mill.




NEW in 2011: Efficient and sorted feed discharge with the new bruised grain blower

The proven Buschhoff bruised grain blower SG 50 has grown into a larger variant, the SG 80. Discharge performance increases to 8 – 10 t/h of processed feed. By way of the high-pressure operation (0,6 bar) the blower is extremely energy efficient, its special soundproofing cares for comfortably quiet operation.

The advantages offered by discharge via a bruised grain blower of the SG-series are: completely automatic access to distant discharge targets (up to 300 m), no need for complex pipe supports – easy to arrange steel bends will do. As with dense phase conveying there is no residue in the pipe lines, pneumatic discharge ensures a highly hygienic procedure, furthermore the pureness of the different kinds of feed is ensured. 


Moreover the available Buschhoff control provides optimum adjustment of the performance/distance ratio.



Convenient control for modern feed production


Buschhoff presents the prototype of the new - Windows-based - control technology, the WIDOMIX PRO. This multi-lingual professional version includes not only all the known functions of the established WIDOMIX® control for milling, weighing, mixing, and feed conveyance, but furthermore it offers vastly better functionality: Besides operation and maintenance of the complete concentrated feed plant, also via the internet, this control can handle a considerably larger number of feeding targets and components than as yet, and even with higher speed.

The software is neatly visualised, allows for the integration of an individually customised workflow, and offers a variety of operational analysis.


Economy award for Buschhoff

The Buschhoff company receives the Ahlen economy award, reflecting the company’s decades-long engagement in social affairs.