Conveying and Storage Technology


Successful by tradition

The Buschhoff company is a competent partner for grain-related machinery and systems since 1873.

It started in 1873 with the production of machinery for grain harvesting. The threshing machines which were manufactured until the sixties ware fitted with augers and elevators. When Buschhof started producing grain conveyors in the mid-sixties, the know-how from decades of building threshing machines could be used.

Today Buschhoff produces state-of-the-art fully-automatic systems for grain conveyance and storage. Systems which live up to the ever increasing value of grain as a raw material for multiple applications, and which fulfil present-day standards of ergonomic operation.

Our trademark are robust conveyors with high performance. We deliver tubular screw conveyors, trough chain conveyors, conveying spirals, bucket and chain elevators, and band conveyor systems.

For pneumatic conveyance we offer high pressure, pressure, and suction pressure blowers.

Loading of silos with bucket elevator and trough chain conveyor


Stationary discharge
sweep auger

There is a common denominator for all Buschhoff conveyors: reliable and secure moving of the concerned materials.

On the storage sector we offer high-grade round silos with and without hopper for indoor and outdoor use, modular storage cells, modular silos, and silos made of GRP and textile materials.

For grain cleaning there is a choice of different cleaning types. Our experienced staff members join these single components into a final product tailored to your requirements.

The broad product range with a large proportion of in-house production guarantees quality and flexibility. Customer satisfaction is owed to the constant dedication of our staff to provide the best of service, which includes short-term availability of spare parts.

Safe and economical grain storage has a reliable basis by our know-how and experience. We invite you to join a partnership extending over generations.