Buschhoff-Conveying: The right choice for the future

Grain facility with delivery warehouse and outdoor silos
Selecting the appropriate conveyor type

In selecting the appropriate conveyor type for your premises, the know-how and the experience of the planner are of utmost importance to make sure that all your requirements are fully met.


Errors like over- or undersizing, or not selecting the most efficient conveying solution, will leave you with a less-than-optimum equipment. In this respect you can fully rely on us.


Competent engineering consultants provide solutions which perfectly fit your requirements and wishes.


Grain silos with loading by elevator and inclined conveyor

Why conveying technology from Buschhoff?

Conveying technology from Buschhoff stands out by its robustness due to perfect workmanship and strong materials, and also by high-performance motors. Its durability makes for a future-proof investment. Our technical staff know their job, nothing is left to chance. Aiming at the best in efficiency and economic operation they develop high-quality and durable machinery.

Robust bearings, chains with high tractive power, precisely machined return chain wheels, motors with sufficient power reserve, high-grade materials – these are typical quality features of our conveying technology. Capitalise on these convincing features.

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  Conveying Technology at a Glance




Calculation parameters

- grainy materials 750 kg/m³
- mealy materials 600 kg/m³.
For pneumatic conveyance, performance varies depending on the number of bends and the overall conveying distance.
If required we offer conveying solutions up to 200 t/h. Moreover we deliver trough chain conveyors configured as intake and inclined conveyors.



  discharge dump with intake control