Double Piston Pump

The Pump for high performance & durability


 The Buschhoff HYDROPOWER is the best pump for your liquid feeding!


Buschhoff double piston pumps are predominantly used for large conveying distances and/or for feed with a high proportion of dry materials.


For special dosing applications a frequency converter is also available for this pump, each individual valve can therefore be closed exactly.

For Your Liquid Feeding!
The benefits:
  • High performance even with high dry matter feeds
  • Conveying performance ca. 200 lt. liquid feed / min.
  • Conveying line distance approx. 500 m
  • Operating pressure up to 6 bar (short time 10 bar)
  • Constant discharge from the first to the last valve
  • Minimal separation in pipes
  • Energy efficient; minimal power requirements
  • Safe to run dry, low risk of foreign objects damage
  • Minimum wear and tear, maintenance friendly

Mode of operation HYDROPOWER

The comparison: