Grain Cleaning as Basis for further Processing

Screen machine, pre-cleaner, wind sifter

Cleaning is an important step in the whole process of storing and treatment of grain. Contamination by dust, fungi, and bacteria is removed. An optimum cleaning result contributes substantially to quality assurance and feeding value of the grain.

We offer through a capacity range of 5 – 200 t/h:
  • cyclone wind sifters
  • screen machines
  • drum deflectors with wind sifter
  • upstream sifters

Screen machine
with wind sifter

Buschhoff Siebreiniger

Sieve cleaner
up to 150 t/h


Grain conveyor
with pre-cleaner and cyclone


Drum deflector
with wind sifter

New grain purifier in front of the mill


Foreign objects coming with the grain, stones for example, are not only responsible for a shorter lifetime of wear parts and the mill as a whole, they also cause considerable interruption of normal operation sequences. This is an obvious nuisance for plants which are designed to use off-peak power and to run in a highly automated mode of operation.

An economic solution is the newly developed drum purifier BTR. The large screen drum provides efficiency by its special construction and enables a performance of 4 t/h. Usage of the purifier results in better feed quality and unobstructed operation of the mill.


drum purifier BTR 300