Grain Drying, Conservation and Ventilation

Grain dryer, dehumidifying silo, ventilation technology

Buschhoff offers a broad product range for the ventilation of grain in silos as well as in flat storage. Whether ventilation from above or from below: we have complete ventilation systems and suitable ventilation blowers for each kind of silo.

Moreover we deliver complementary controls with humidity and temperature measuring.


Buschhoff_Konservieren_VerteilerDistributor and stirrer in a drying silo

Our product range for grain conservation at a glance
  • grain dehumidifiers
  • propionic acid dosing devices
  • ventilation technology
  • cooling units, matching your grain storage

For dehumidifying we offer set, circulating batch, continuous flow,and round silo driers. The blowpipes are operated by gas or oil directly or indirectly via a heat exchanger. Decisive for the choice of conservation type is the question whether it is meant for breadstuff, seeds, or feed grain. Operating costs vary considerably according to the different types of conservation.

We offer the optimum solution for your business.


Operating mode of an dehumidifying silo