Grain Silos – Robust and Reliable

Storage silos from the expert


Buschhoff offers a range of suitable silos for the storage of free-flowing materials (grain) and mealy components (bruised grain). Whether indoor or outdoor storage, whether with or without hopper substructure: storage technology from Buschhoff stands for safety and reliability.


Silo capacities range from 0.1 t to 15.000 t, and whether small or large, you get a robust and innovative product. Your requirements are of utmost priority. Individual planning leads to reliable solutions which, finally, means your success.


Buschhoff round silos

Our Silos are made from high-quality steel and manufactured by state-of-the-art machinery. This will pay off for you in receiving a product which is quickly and easily assembled on site and which will last for decades. The separate parts for our silos are made of zinc-coated steel sheet with a 450 g/m² zinc coating. Statics and baseplate plans are within the scope of delivery.

A small selection from our round silo range:
Available with:
  • capacity from 5 to 15.000 t
  • 45° or 60° hopper substructure
  • ventilation cone
  • ventilation bottom
  • diameter from 1.78 to 32 m
  • ascent ladder
  • roof ladder
  • access door
  • content indicator
  • temperature measurement
  • catwalk
  • discharge sweep auger
  • Plastisol coating
  • statics/baseplate plans
Modular silos

The modular silo is a well-proven solution for the interim storage of grain and other feed components in the context of a milling and mixing plant. It is available in square and rectangular designs. The modular silo is made of plain, zinc coated steel sheet. Hoppers are available with an inclination of 45°, 60°, or 60/90°. A nearly endless number of possible combinations regarding dimensions, outlet height, and discharge gear offers extreme flexibility.


The modular silo can be fitted, for example, with a discharge auger or a stirring unit. Therefore also materials with low fluidity can be handled reliably, and special feed components like potato starch and corn mash can be stored in these silos without any problem.


Modular silo 60/90° with discharge auger

GRP silos

Silos made of GRP (glass reinforced plastics) are ideally qualified for outdoor use. The silo casing is a one-piece element, supported by a steel frame. The volume ranges from 2 to 60 m³. Such silos are perfectly suited for the storage of mealy materials, like soy or mixed feed, and of free flowing materials like grain or pellets.


GRP silos for the storage of mealy materials

Available with:

  • empty/full-up indicator
  • access hatch
  • ascent ladder
  • ventilation
  • venting
  • ATEX equipment (e.g. burst disc, antistatic system)
  • venting filter