Milling & Mixing

Feed mill experience which pays off

Success with your own on farm milling and mixing system

First of all, it is in the details whether a product or a service is successful, or not. At Buschhoff we are devoted to details. First contact, qualified consultancy, comprehensive service – everything goes into one another. Result: precise solutions, tailor-made to the customer’s specific demands and requirements for your own milling and mixing equipment.

Our staff scrutinize on-site conditions for optimum use of existing premises, and which automation level would assure the best workflow for your feed processing. 

Competent consultation, optimum service and state-of-the-art products have created the Buschhoff milling and mixing profile.

Our development is driven by innovations which are technically feasible today. The resulting products and services assure your success in the future.

Regardless if you need new machinery or want to expand and modernise an existing milling and mixing plant – Buschhoff is your competent partner.


Turn-key milling and mixing plants - The right choice

More than 40 years of engineering experience are the main reason why hammer mills from Buschhoff are so efficient and easy to maintain at the same time.

Know-how which has been developing over decades guarantees your success.

Milling&mixingPersonal consultation on-site (milling & mixing)

We offer a suitable plant for each purpose. Milling & mixing plants with the BHS blower mill are installed especially where low- to medium-level feed volumes are processed. As the blower mill is capable of sucking in the grain from storage bins, it can be installed even where local conditions are problematic.

The performance of our hammer mill BHOS without blower can always be trusted when large quantities must be processed, and where the premise are suited for grain conveyance by tubular screw conveyors or spiral conveyors.

Whatever type you choose, with a Buschhoff milling and mixing plant you purchase a high-quality product for the daily production of on-site fresh quality feed.


Buschhoff on farm feed milling & mixing - Tailor-made to the specific customer’s demands

Feed mills from 1 - 20 tons per hour for pig, poultry, cattle etc. Moreover you get smaller production plants for premixes and mineral feed.