Pneumatic transport with the Bruised grain blower

Easy, gentle and sorted feed discharge with the bruised grain blower

Efficiency concisely

Buschhoff plants do not only excel in the milling of grain and in the mixing of feed, but also in caring for a fast and reliable conveyance of the resulting product.

This is accomplished for example by conveying devices like elevators, tubular and trough screw conveyors and spiral conveyors. Motor-operated distributors and outlet slides enable a fully-automatic loading of silos. By pneumatic conveyance all materials can be transported easily and without contamination.

For pneumatic transport Buschhoff uses the bruised grain blower type SG 50 F. It is effective for conveying distances of up to 200 m. Conveying performance depends on distance and can reach 3 t/h at optimum conditions. Our control provides optimum adjustment of the performance/distance ratio. As the blower operates at high pressure (comparable to a silo tank truck), the bruised grain is conveyed gently and cost-efficient because of low energy consumption.

The blower is fitted with a maintenance indicator, air filter, and pressure gauge. An empty-level indicator at the intake part prevents unnecessary idling. The rotary distributor for 3 pressure lines can be motor-operated for automatic target assignment. The pipe connector features a non-return flap.

Technical details:
  • Max. conveying distance 200 m
  • Conveying performance up to 3 t/h (depending on conveying distance)
  • 4 kW motor rating of blower
  • Rotary valve in cast iron design
  • Maintenance indicator for air filter
  • Pressure gauge
  • Empty-level indicator at the intake
  • Rotary distributor for 3 pressure lines (optional)


And if you need a higher performance...

The proven Buschhoff bruised grain blower SG 50 has grown into a larger variant, the SG 80. Discharge performance increases to 6 – 8 t/h of processed feed.

By way of the high-pressure operation (0,6 bar) the blower is extremely energy efficient, its special soundproofing cares for comfortably quiet operation.

The advantages offered by discharge via a bruised grain blower of the SG-series are: completely automatic access to distant discharge targets (up to 300 m), no need for complex pipe supports – easy to arrange steel bends will do. As with dense phase conveying there is no residue in the pipe lines, pneumatic discharge ensures a highly hygienic procedure, furthermore the pureness of the different kinds of feed is ensured.

Moreover the available Buschhoff control provides optimum adjustment of the performance/distance ratio.

The advantages:
  • No contermination in the pipes
  • Gentle conveying
  • High performance
  • Long conveying distance
  • No complex pipe support
  • Very cost-efficient because of high pressure
  • Control provides optimum adjustment of the performance/distance ratio




SG 80 Blower