Feed mixer

Working Efficiency Made Easy - Feed mixers of the M series

The Buschhoff feed mixers are available in different designs and layouts. Their capacity is between 750 and 3.000 kg.


They use the well-proven forced mixing mode, resulting in a mixing accuracy of 1:100.000. The large, slow-moving mixing auger makes for an efficient and fast mixing. Up to 5 % oil can be added without any problem.

Another advantage: The mixers of the WR layout can be fitted with intake augers up to a length of 4 m. Therefore a dust-free insertion of feed components is ensured.

Overview of technical details:
  • capacity 750 to 3.000 kg for a piled density of 0.6 t
  • mixing accuracy 1:100.000
  • mixing auger with 280 mm diameter
  • electronic weighing
  • multiple mixer outlets can be fitted
  • up to 5 % oil addition
  • short mixing duration
  • optionally with central outlet (complete emptying)
  • optionally precise electronic weighing


Designed for your BIG Success -

The feed mixers of the GM series


With a capacity of 4 – 12 t these feed mixers are especially suited for large businesses. The Buschhoff GM series is of welded construction and therefore very robust.
Layouts and variants of this series, too, make for easy adaptation to customers’ individual requirements – optimal operation is assured.


The mixers deliver a mixing accuracy of 1:100.000 by using the well-proven forced mixing mode. The discharge performance goes up to 50 t/h. Intake augers enable a dust-free insertion of feed components, addition of up to 5%. of feed oil is also possible.

Overview of technical details:

  • capacity of 4 – 12 tons
  • mixing accuracy 1:100.000
  • mixing auger with 400 mm diameter
  • multiple mixer outlets can be fitted
  • short mixing duration
  • up to 5 % oil addition
  • dust-free dosing
  • motor with 1.000 rpm
  • also suitable for industrial applications
  • optionally precise electronic weighing
A solution for every requirement

The standard Buschhoff feed mixer is complemented by optional equipment to become even more efficient for any specific industrial or agricultural usage.

For example: You may add pumps for oil or acid. The BTS 150 intake auger (up to 4 m long) conveys up to 200 kg per minute into the mixer, the BTS 200 (up to 7 m long) even up to 400 kg per minute. Weighing frames and motor-driven outlet slides top it off.