Feed mill with Blower

A Strong Performance - Hammer blower mills BHS


Customer requirements and individual needs are Buschhoff’s focus. Therefore the paddle wheels of this mill series can be adapted to the specific demands of the individual customer.


Hammer mill BHS


The different models feature powerful three-phase motors from 11 to 18.5 kW. Welded design provides extreme robustness to the mill casing, and a solid rotor contributes to the mills’ durability.


A constantly good milling performance with a consistent structure of the bruised grain is assured by 12 large hammers with hard metal plating, which are equally suited for the processing of all sorts of grain.


Besides their high performance these hard metal hammers display an outstanding durability. Lifetime cycles of 5.000 t of grain were achieved in field use.


The mill casing is equipped with a wear lining, and the reinforced screens are also highly wear-resistant.

The robust design comes along with low maintenance requirements. All wear parts can be individually exchanged. Consequently, maintenance costs are minimised.


By way of an appropriate control the mill can be run in automatic mode, which means using low-priced off-peak power.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • superior efficiency
  • robust rotor
  • minimum maintenance requirements
  • extreme durability
  • constant milling performance
  • optimum feed consistency
  • minimum warming of bruised grain
  • maximum screen surface
  • cost-efficiency
  • automatic mode for off-peak power usage
  • effective load control at each intake position

Performance data valid for dry barley and medium fineness of the bruised grain. Type of grain, humidity, structure of screen, surface residue and conveying distance have more or less influence on milling performance. Actual performance may vary accordingly.