Optional Equipment
Useful Extras for your Mobile Plant

Buschhoff feed oil dosing on electronic loadcell (cover removed)
Feed oil dosing and tanks from Buschhoff
The TOURMIX 02 systems for concentrated feed are equipped with a new dosing device for the addition of liquids to the mixed feeds. The dosing container is made from stainless steel and is resistant against feed acids such as propionic acid. Feed oil tanks with a capacity of up to 1.500 l can be mounted.
Function and advantages in detail:
  • 150 kg*) capacity of the dosing container
  • illuminated digital display of actual container content
  • oil conveyance via low pressure of the rotary piston blower
  • no pump required
  • upon request, fitting of a heating system (ensures oil flowability at low temperatures)
*) As the volume of oil may vary considerably according to the outside temperature, Buschhoff calculates with weights instead of volumes..
Weighing and dosing computer TOURMIX-CONTROL
The new weighing and dosing computer TOURMIX-CONTROL stores up to 250 customer sites and 1.500 feed formulas. 8 formulas can be assigned to each customer. On the delivery note which is printed in the driving cab a target/actual comparison is, among other data, presented to the customer. Operator workload is reduced because the computer monitors when the target quantity is reached, alerts the operator, and interrupts the suction process.