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International service for our mobile systems for concentrated feed

Though being tough and reliable, mobile systems for concentrated feed from Buschhoff are not immune against accidental damage and normal wear and tear. Therefore most users of these systems keep a minimum stock of spare parts. lf a part is missing, it can be delivered ex works Ahlen to any location in Germany within a few hours. lf further assistance is needed, our chief mechanic or one of his staff will come.

The numerous Daimler-Chrysler locations in Germany are also available to help with motor problems. At present more than 600 mobile milling and mixing plants from Buschhoff are in use Europe-wide. In many European countries we have representatives who also provide service for our mobile systems for concentrated feed.

In eastern Europe these service locations have proven to be especially useful and necessary. An important precondition for their efficiency are training and a permanent contact between the manufacturer and his representatives. Thus Buschhoff guarantees an optimum service for their customers.

For stationary use, e.g. for large businesses in eastern Europe, we offer our systems also mounted on a transport/assembly frame.