The Powerful Concept


The TOURMIX 02-VE with the 4.5 ton weighing mixer is the basic model of the new series. It works according to the proven Buschhoff system. As soon as the coarse meal has the structure defined by the screen, it is pneumatically transferred to the combination valve and then into the mixer. Rolled feed is also transferred pneumatically to the valve which guarantees a smooth transfer of the rolled materials. The results are an even feed structure and best performance..

Immediately after processing, the feed structure can be checked by taking samples.


Further feed components which need not be processed - for example coarse soy meal - can be conveyed directly into the mixer.

The operating panel of
the TOURMIX 02                                                                                                             
Buschhoff | Mobile Anlagen | Tourmix 02-VE
Inspection of the mixer


Flowchart of TOURMIX 02 and TOURMIX 02-V
The Buschhoff system allows continuous grinding, for example of flowable wet grain. The grain is sucked, crushed and discharged immediately. In the discharge auger, additional feed preservatives can be mixed into the coarse meal.  
Tourmix 02-VE continuously grinding with direct drive by truck engine