When ONE is not enough: Performance, Capacity and Mixing Quality in a Double Pack!


What´s the plan today - your customer demands a a 12 t large mixture, to different feed mixtures, or a 500 kg special mixture? The new TOURMIX 03 DUO will do it all.

Because it is equipped with two mixing containers, two weighers, two filter units, and a large hybrid  blower with a variable drive. two completely different mixtures can be simultaneously produced and discharged.

T03 Duo

Possible modes of operation:

 Großmischung 051109    

Combination mode:  Both mixers are simultaneously
and evenly loaded by a weight-operated oscillating flap,
then the large mixing is discharged at one go. Two
discharge lines provide double discharging performance.



Parallel mode: Processing of two different feed mixtures,
with only once driving to and loading from the respective
feed component storage. Simultaneous discharging of
both mixtures to two feed silos.


Twinpower_Vorratsbetrieb Supply mode: Loading one mixer with a feed component
or a pre-mixing, then processing the complete mixture inside
the second mixer with simultaneous weight-controlled loading
via shuttle valve from the supply mixer. Perfect solution
for places where feed components to be mixed are beyond
the range of the suction lines.

Your benefit:

  • Significantly better milling performance enables a more effective use of machinery
  • Lower labour costs per ton of processed feed
  • Halving of driving and manoeuvring time
  • nConstant mixing accuracy of 1:100.000 for all sizes of mixture
  • nSmall mixtures from 500 kg up are possibe without loss through residue inside the plant
  • nSuction with full blower performance, but reduced mill revolutions
  • nDischarging with engine idling, with full blower performance
  • nLow learning curve for new staff because of the simple, self-explanatory operation via the graphical user interface
  • nLarge, wide opening cover panels (zinc- and powder-coated) provide excellent access to all parts of the plant
  • nStainless steel mixers without inner struts provide high mixing quality and optimum emptying of residue

 Flowchart:T03 Duo Diagamm

  1. 1. Suction flap
  2. 2. Hammer mill
  3. 3. Grain roller
  4. 4. Hybrid blower with variable drive
  5. 5. Suction-pressure-mixer
  6. 6. Shuttle valve
  7. 7. Filter unit
  8. 8. Suction line
  9. 9. Suction line direct
  10. 10. Component hopper
  11. 11. Discharge line right
  12. 12. Discharge line left
  13. 13. Discharge boom
  14. 14.Blowout channel
  15. 15. Dosing tank for feed oil 

Technical data at a glance

  • Direct drive by truck engine up to 350 kW
  • Aerzener rotary lobe compressor Delta Hybrid, delivers up to 1,2 bar pressure
  • Variable drive for blower revs, independent of engine revolutions *)
  Suction line
  • Diameter: 100 mm
  • Max length 40 m
  • Unique weight-operated oscillating flap
  • Hammermill HF 400 with 72 hart metall hammers
  • Screen cage with two screens
  • Milling performance up to 30 t/h
  Rolling unit
  • Grain rolling unit GQ 64-2 with two powered, grooved rollers
  • Squeezing performance up to 22 t/h
  • pneumatic 4-position roller gap adjustment
  • Capacity: 2 x 6 t (mixer volume of 10.500 l each)
  • (smaller or larger on demand)
  • Min. mixture 500 kg
  • Mixing accuracy 1:100.000
  • Max. low pressure: -0.7 bar
  • Max. high pressure: +1,2 bar
  • 2 filter units
  • Large cleaning hatch in mixer cone *)
  • Diameter: 100 mm
  • Max. length: 40 m
  • Emptying performance up to 70 t/h
  • Controlled by TWIN-Control
  • LCD colour display at operator´s position
  • 32 t permissible total weight
  • Four axle truck, 3 axles steered
  • Three axle truck option on request

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