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The TOURMIX 02-SD excels by:
Suction pressure mixer filled up
  • Optimum performance combined with easy handling
  • User-friendly residue emptying of the complete plant
  • Minimum maintenance cost through few wear parts
  • The performance which results from the year-long proven combination of Mercedes-Benz diesel engine OM 501 LA with hammer mill HF 400 and grain squeezing unit GQ 64-2 was significantly increased again by a rotary piston blower with intake air pre-cooling. An increase of 30% of the intake vacuum (-0,65 bar) provides outstanding conveying performance.
  • Coarse meal, rolled goods and additional feed components are directly (without any augers) sucked into the mixer. Afterwards the mixer is emptied pneumatically.
  • By means of the innovative rotational sucker, feed residue is automatically removed from the mixer bottom. At the same time, pressure inside the mixer is gradually relieved. .

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TOURMIX 02-SD on trailer


TOURMIX 02-SD with large stowage space
Suction pressure mixer
  • The capacity of the weighing mixer is 10.800 litres, enabling a filling with heavy bruised grain of up to 7 tons.
  • The solid steel container is designed according to pressure machinery guideline 97/23EG and certificated by the German TÜV inspection authority.
  • The continuous flow of ground or rolled goods directly into the mixing auger and the innovative distribution head above the mixing auger assure a homogenous mixture for a complete mixer filling.
Dust separator
  • The integrated compact dust separator supports a high suction performance.
Conveying pipes
  • Short distances and fully-opening ball valves assure low resistance and a high conveying performance.
  • The pneumatic emptying works without any problems due to the electronic load control.
  • The discharge performance is up to 60 t/h.
  • The suction and pressure pipes are arranged on the left-hand side of the vehicle. The operating position and the hose stowage on the right-hand side remain unobstructed.
Operation and maintenance
  • All operating controls are arranged in a logical and ergonomical way and are, therefore, easy to use.
  • All components of the machinery are easily accessible for maintenance.