Mobility and Flexibility


This mobile plant for concentrated feed is unique with regard to flexibility. The upper part of the patented variomixer can be telescopically extended. Result: capacity increases from 8.200 up to 11.700 l. Time for driving and setting up is reduced, as are costs. Another consideration: where other vehicles are forced on detours, the TOURMIX 02-V-VE with its overall height of ca. 3.70 m passes under low bridges and other obstructions. Another plus factor: A special sealing assures dust-free operation. Dust remains inside the system.


NEW: We offer the TOURMIX 02-V-VE also with an enlarged capacity of 9.200 l - 13.600 l. This equals 8.2 t at a piled density of 600 kg/m³.


Variomixer T02-V-VE schematic diagram

Advantages at a glance:

Mixer volume variable from 8.200 l - 11.700 l
(optionally 9.200 - 13.600 l)
Height of superstructure 2,75 m in driving configuration
Residue minimal by bottom extraction
Height adjustment continuously, also during operation
Combination valve Combines the functionality of a rotary and a blow-through valve. High endurability through highly wear-resistant materials and inlet counterwedge.
Discharge performance up to 50 t/h
Tourmix02_V_VE_NMV2  Tourmix02_Vario
Buschhoff TOURMIX 02-V-VE-NMV                                                            Buschhoff TOURMIX 02-V-VE