The new First Class




Due to longstanding experience with its two different plant systems, Buschhoff presents a multitalent for the mobile milling and mixing business.

Tourmix 04 vl  TOURMIX 04 on compact
with 3.9 m wheel-
 T04 h  
  back view of TOURMIX 04

  with stainless steel component
  TOURMIX-Control panel 
  with large colour LCD-touch-
  screen display
  optional form management
  in driver´s cab

Prospekt T04


Your advantage:


Better performance:

By an optimisation of the main machine components, the filter system, the power train, and the piping, the plant performance is increased compared with its predecessor.



Less operating cost:

A saving of up to 10 % compared with its predecessor, relative per ton of produced feed, is achieved by a correction of bottlenecks and improved cross-section throughout the piping, thus optimising the airflow from the rotary piston blower.

The long service life of parts and the already low fuel consumption cares for low operation cost!


A large plus in safety:

The new plant control has a large color display which informs the operator about the plant status and its current workload. Thus the operator is enabled to use optimum utilisation, without the risk of overloading.

The software is multilingual which ensures that operators abroad, e.g. in Russia, have the same understanding of the plant as elsewhere, which contributes, too, to operational safety.


The graphical representation of the machinery and the intuitive operation ensure a better understanding of the plant, contributing considerably to safe operation.

T04 Ablaufdiagramm english

  Flowchart of TOURMIX 04 and TOURMIX 04-V

The TOURMIX Control stands for a notable advance regarding mobile milling and mixing plants: You only state what the plant should do, and the computer calls up the necessary instructions.

Continuous grinding. low operating cost, steel container, and hardly a trace of dust during discharge, all these remain the characteristic properties of the Buschhoff plants with their proven auger discharge.

  Tourmix 04-V13.6-NMV with 9,2-13,6 m3-vario mixer