Feed mill

Overview: Have a look at the Buschhoff grain feed milling equipment


The Buschhoff feed mill know-how based on more than 40 years of experience. High quality of the plants, comprehensive service and solutions which exactly fit the specific requirements and needs of the customer are self-evident for us.
In addition to turnkey on farm feed mills we offer you high-value conveying equipment like elevators, trough chain and screw conveyors, spirals and bruised grain blowers. The appropriate storage technology such as round silos, modular silos, mineral nutrients dosing containers and flexible silos complete to the comprehensive Buschhoff range of products.
Hammer mill:
  • Robust feed mills without blower type BHOS with superior efficiency
  • High-performance motors with 11 to 45 kW
  • Milling performance between 2 and 9 t/h(performance depends on motor, screen and grain)
  • For efficient operation the feed mill is equipped with 24 or 52 reinforced hard metal hammers
  • Optimum feed consistency, maximum screen surface and very quiet running
  • Electronic load control enables the most energy-efficient use of the mill
  • Fully-automatic Buschhoff autofilter results in very low proportion of fine meal, causes the bruised grain to cool down after the milling process and prevents the escape of dust
  • NEW: The BHOS DUO feed mill with two different screens delivers more structure of feed on farms

Buschhoff Geblaeselose Muehle BHOS Hammer

Feed mixer:

Buschhoff-feed mill mixer

  • Feed mixers of the M series: 1 to 3 t capacity
  • Large business feed mixer of the GM series: 4 to 12 t capacity
  • Mixing accuracy of 1:100.000
  • Up to 5 % oil addition
  • Short mixing duration (for feed milling on farm)
  • Dust-free dosing and precise electronic weighing
  • Multiple mixer outlets can be fitted
Feed mill control:
  • WIDOMIX – computer for the production of 0,5 to 15 t/h mixed feed
  • For on farm poultry feed, pig feed and cattle feed
  • Complete controller for milling with load control, weighing, mixing, and feed conveyance
  • Controls two grain mills and is connected to up to 8 weighers (with 100 g discrimination)
  • 300 formulas, 70 feed components and 30 feeding targets possible
  • Targets can be automatically refilled by empty-level switch
  • NEW: WIDOMIX Pro (industrial control): operation and maintenance over the internet - english feed milling control version


Exemplary grain milling equipment


WIDOMIX plant with a hammer feed mill without blower (BHOS)


1 Feed component silos
2 Tubular screw conveyors
3 Hammer mill BHOS
4 Intake auger
5 Autofilter
6 Mixer
7 Chain elevator
8 Trough auger
9 Target feed silos

Buschhoff - The feed mill expert.


Buschhoff grainmills are from 1 - 15 tons per hour for pig feed, poultry feed, cattle feed etc. Moreover we produce smaller production plants for premixes and mineral feed. See here some pictures of our feed milling equipment.


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